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Phased Achievement of New Type Ballast Water VLCC Project Supported

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    Recently, the Phased Achievement Appraisal Meeting of the New Type Ballast Water VLCC Project is held by the Science and Technology Department of CSIC at Dalian with the top experts of the ship industry invited as a appraisal committee, including the experts of China Classification Society (CCS), Lloyd’s Register (LR), Dalian Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO DALIAN), Dalian University of Technology and China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC/702). The experts listen the report delivered by the Project Team about phased research and development, and review the related technical documents. They all believe that the type of ships is the first one in the world after discussion. It is with novel design, complete technical scheme, sufficient demonstration, true and reliable test data and several propriety intellectual property rights, so it can be constructed rapidly.

    The Project is approved by MIIT, charged by CSIC, leaded by DSIC, and collectively developed by CSSRC/702. The minimal ballast water VLCC is a new conceptual ship type developed based on the requirements of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction. The main target of development of the minimal ballast water VLCC is to reduce the oil consumption drastically and sedimentation of the ballast tanks.


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