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Sinosure and DSIC set sail again -DSIC and Sinosure Liaoning signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement


DSIC and Sinosure Liaoning signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on 23rd April. Yang Zhizhong, the Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of DSIC and Zhou Ming, the Party Committee Secretary and General Manager of Sinosure Liaoning attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Both parties intend to build a framework of strategic cooperation, support and encourage them to give play to their advantages and achieve win-win cooperation through the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Both parties will cooperate in all aspects from domestic credit insurance (in the category of goods and service export), medium and long-term export credit insurance, overseas investment insurance (in the category of overseas investment), domestic credit insurance (in the category of domestic trade), country-based risk analysis, industrial study, credit ratings, credit investigation, receivable management, collection of commercial debt, credit risk management and consulting, training on management of credit risk and etc. Both parties will further strengthen the communication, build an irregular meeting mechanism for high-level leaders, establish a smooth information exchange platform, review and summarize their cooperation, coordinate and solve any problem and find opportunities for future cooperation.

The signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement has laid a solid foundation for both parties to build a long-term, stable and robust relationship of strategic cooperation, further expand the field of cooperation, and cooperate in all aspects including capital, technology, service, goods trading and investment and safeguard the future export business of DSIC.

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