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On the first day after the Spring Festival, the leaders of Dalian Federation of trade unions visited DSIC for investigation.


On February 18, Xu Guangxiang, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian municipal Party committee, secretary and chairman of the Party group of Dalian Federation of trade unions, and Sun Maolin, vice chairman of Dalian Federation of trade unions,who is in charge of daily work, and others visited DSIC together. They met with the trade union cadres, model workers and representatives of workers of DSIC, solicited the opinions of the Municipal Federation of trade unions on the key points of work in 2021 and the annual practical projects for the workers of the whole city, and asked the grassroots trade unions’ suggestion and the need of workers. DSIC leaders Yang Zhizhong and Yin Xuelin attended the forum.

Yang Zhizhong introduced the production and operation situation, industrial layout and trade union work of DSIC in recent years. Xu Guangxiang and others had full and in-depth communication with the representatives, understood the practical difficulties at the grassroots level, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives, and visited the digital production workshop.

Xu Guangxiang said that the trade union of DSIC has a long history of labor movement and trade union, and had done a lot of solid and fruitful work. Through this visit and investigation, they saw the good mental outlook of the cadres and representatives of the workers in DSIC, which reflects the excellent corporate culture of the company. They listened to the pertinent opinions and suggestions of the representatives on the work of the trade union and felt the concern and support for the work of the Federation of trade unions of the city. They wound carefully sort out and analyze each proposal and incorporate it into the annual work tasks and practical projects of the whole committee to be held soon by the Municipal Federation of trade unions. The Municipal Federation of trade unions would, as always, provide good services for the development of enterprises, actively solve grass-roots difficulties, and be a close "mother's family" of enterprises and employees.

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