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DSIC has launched its first round of patrol inspections in 2021


DSIC has launched the first round of patrol inspection in 2021 recently in accordance with the plan of CSIC's Party Committee. Three patrol inspection teams, comprised of 26 elites selected from the Patrol Inspector Pool, started a regular patrol inspection on the party committee of Steel Processing Company, Party Branch of Tool Company, Party Branch of Work Affair Company and Party Branch of Explosion Research Institute.

Bai Mu, the Secretary of the Discipline Committee of DSIC and Deputy Chief of the Patrol Inspection Leader Team, has came to each inspectee unit to mobilize. On the mobilization meeting, Bai Mu expressed his advice on this round of patrol inspection on behalf of DSIC's Patrol Inspection Leader Team. According to his instruction, first, we shall study carefully the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era advanced by Xi Jinping and boost the voluntary attitude in implementing the requirements of political patrol inspection; implement in depth the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and recognize correctly the significance of patrol inspection; patrol inspection is the strategic systematic arrangement for inside-party supervision and the important support for strict governance of party from all aspects; patrol inspection is carried out on party organizations, party leaders and party cadres; and is of political nature.

Patrol inspection aims at pushing forward the solution of problems and healthy development of various causes of the inspectee unit; second, the party organizations of the inspectee units shall support and cooperate with the Patrol Inspection Team to carry out the work from the political perspective, shall cooperate with the Patrol Inspection Team actively with full trust and firm support, deepen the ideological awareness, and take the internal patrol inspection as the inside-party political experience, comprehensive diagnosis of the working style, intensive supplementation of spiritual calcium, and ideological awareness in depth; we shall strengthen continuously "two responsibilities" by taking this patrol inspection as the opportunity, check carefully the highlighted issues in all aspects, work out measures for improvement, identify strong and weak points, make up for the weak points, achieve the target of pushing forward the reform and development. On that meeting, Patrol Inspection leaders have put forward specific requirements with regards to "implementing firmly the decision and arrangement of DSIC's party committee and deepening unswervingly the political patrol inspection” and gave instructions on major tasks and working arrangement for this patrol inspection. This is the first round of patrol inspection in 2021 and also the first inspection since the formation of Patrol Inspection Office of DSIC's Party Committee, which will lay a solid foundation for DSIC to make a good opening for the "14th five-year".

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