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A new order was singed.


DSIC signed an order of 2+2 7100TEU container vessels through “Cloud signing” on 30th April. 

This is the second  that DSIC has obtained an order of container vessels after it signed an order of seven 16000TEU container vessels in March. The ship owner is Asiatic Lloyd that engages in strategic investment of container vessels and management of fleet. Asia Lloyd belongs to AL Capital Holding GmbH & Co KG (“AL Group-Asiatic Lloyd/Atlantic Lloyd). AL Group has 1000-9000TEU container vessels, super-panamax and supramax bulk carriers. The predecessor of AL Group could be traced back to 1857. It is owned by K.F. Bunnemann Family and has developed through five generations. It has grown into one of shipowners with the longest history and best reputation in Germany. 

This series of container vessels is the main type of vessels built by DSIC and was designed by Shanghai Vessel Research & Design Institute. It has a total length of 255m, width of 42.8m and structural draft of 14m, and could meet the Tier III emission standard and EEDI stage 3 standard of IMO. Thus, it has an outstanding advantage in energy efficiency and environmental protection. DSIC has delivered about 100 container vessels of different types, and is a leading shipyard with cutting-edge technology and abundant experience. Since the outburst of COVID-19, DSIC has been sticking to the concept of market guidance and innovation as the foundation and has been exploring the market despite of the market downturn. Along with the change of cargo volume demand in the global trade, the container vessel market has shown a great opportunity.

 Under the principle of safeguarding the bottom line and adopting proactive measures, DSIC has been exploring the market and controlling the risk in order to strengthen its foothold and winning orders in the changing market. This order has further strengthened the close cooperation between DSIC and European shipowners and also laid the solid foundation for future marketing and integration.

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