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Signing Ceremony for the Construction of 1+1 155,000dwt Shuttle Tankers


On November 19, DSIC held the signing ceremony for the construction of 1+1 155,000dwt shuttle tankers. Sun Wei, Party Group member and deputy general manager of CSSC; Chen Bi, Party Group member and deputy general manager of CNOOC; Xia Qinglong, executive vice president of CNOOC, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of CNOOC International; Sun Junli, general manager of North Sea Shipping; Cai Zhuyi, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Trading Co.(CSTC); Yang Zhizhong, Deng Changlian, and Zhang Yuhuan, leaders of DSIC, attended the ceremony.

The 155,000dwt shuttle tanker is owned by North Sea Shipping and tailor-made for the offshore oil field project of CNOOC in Brazil. It is also the first Suez-class shuttle tanker ordered and built by domestic owners, achieving a double breakthrough in domestic shipping and shipbuilding industry. The total length of the ship is controlled within 279 meters, with width of 48m and depth of 23.7m. The ship has the characteristics of strong adaptability to the port and meets the requirements of the latest international norms, rules and conventions as well as relevant regulations of the European Union and the United States. So it is applicable to a wide range of navigation water. The ship is adopted with low resistance design, high-efficiency propulsion system and high-efficiency rudder of G-type main engines matching large-diameter CPP propeller, achieving the effect of low energy consumption and good maneuverability.

In recent years, DSIC has paid close attention to the changes in shuttle tanker market and continued to invest in ship type R & D. Based on the prospect that the iteration window period of shuttle tanker stock market overlaps with the expansion window period of new market, with the strong support of CSSC, DSIC has identified shuttle tankers as the main promotion ship type.

Facing the impact of COVID-19 epidemic, the commercial and technical team of DSIC, North Sea Shipping and OSM company have continuously deepened mutual understanding and trust, and made joint efforts to strive for excellence. The ship is designed to meet the latest international standards, safety, green, environmental protection, and has high quality with strong universality.

DSIC will adhere to the pursuit of first-class product quality, elaborate design and fine optimization, further deepen cooperation relationship, expand cooperation fields, and create more high-quality ship products for shipowners in the future.

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