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Underwater Cycle of 150,000dwt Crude Oil Ship Reached a New High with Continuous Delivery


Last week, we just delivered a 115,000dwt refined oil ship for Maersk. Today, we delivered a 150,000dwt crude oil carrier for COSCO Shipping Energy. There is a lot of good news about the production of civilian ships. General Manager of COSCO Shipping Energy Zhu Maijin, leaders of DSIC Deng Changlian and Zhang Yuhuan attended the signing and naming ceremony. Ms. Zhang Li named the ship Yuan Bei Hai.

Yuan Bei Hai ship is a new generation of highly competitive brand ship type independently developed by DSIC. It belongs to the ship type of unlimited navigation zone, with a range of more than 26,000 nautical miles. Meanwhile, the ship is designed to pass through the expanded Panama Canal.

The ship has total length of about 274.3m, width of 48m, maximum carrying capacity of 158,000 tons. It can normally load 1.079 million barrels of crude oil through the Suez Canal with structural draft of 17.15m. The energy-saving features of the ship are very significant. The excellent hull line, coupled with the optimized design of hydrodynamic energy-saving device, the new energy-saving G-type main engine and large diameter high-efficiency propeller make the comprehensive energy-saving effect obvious. The ship meets the emission and environmental protection requirements of the EU, such as the list of hazardous substances, as well as the energy efficiency management requirements of CCS Class I-ship (E) symbol. Its unique anti-piracy design ensures safe operation.

This is the third ship of 150,000dwt crude oil carrier series. From "Yuan Dong Hai" and "Yuan Nan Hai" to "Yuan Bei Hai" ship, the construction period has been constantly shortened with significant progress in construction speed. The stern was formed in 26 days, the time from general section bottom laying to main hull forming was 57 days, and the time from general assembly to docking and launching was only 85 days. In particular, the underwater construction period was 49 days for sailing and 74 days for delivery.

It only took 5 days to complete the navigation tests. The energy-saving effect was verified better than the technical index required by the design through actual verification, which reduces the operation cost for the ship owner and was praised by the ship owner and inspection.

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