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Sail Making of Phase II Project Under Construction With Two Pairs of Wings


On March 9, the commencement ceremony of sail making for the "Engineering Application Research of Airfoil Sail Boost System" (Sail Phase II Project) of the National High-tech Ship Scientific Research Program was held in DSIC. The implementation of Sail Phase II Project will further promote the engineering application of wind boosting technology, consolidate the international leading position of national shipbuilding industry in airfoil sail boosting technology for large ocean-going ships, and enhance the market competitiveness of domestic shipbuilding industry.

Sail Phase II Project is a key project of CSSC to promote energy conservation and emission reduction of ships, and also a key innovative project of energy conservation and emission reduction of main ship types supported by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. The project was officially approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019. Led by DSIC, combining China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., China Ship Scientific Research Center, CCS, Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers,Dalian Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology, and China Shipbuilding Industry Comprehensive Technical and Economic Research Institute, based on No. 100 VLCC ordered by China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., DSIC started the project research of "sail phase II"

Compared with the first phase, Sail Phase II Project focuses on promoting engineering application.  The application of real ship sails is increased from one pair to two pairs. The sail blades are changed from metal to non-metal, and the whole structure is a mixed structure of metal and non-metal. It is the first time that carbon fiber materials are used in large domestic ships. Standardization, lightweight and intelligence will become the key direction of future research and development. In the subsequent process of sail making, assembly, subgrade test, sea transportation, hoisting and real ship installation and commissioning, as well as sea trial and other processes, there are many key technologies and a large amount of tasks.

DSIC will further cooperate with the participating research units, carry forward the "three oxen" spirit and "meticulous and excellence" rigorous style, pursue the scientific research standard of "high quality and high reliability", learn from the experience of phase I project, make full efforts to do the technical research and quality assurance of each link, and strive to complete the sail development and engineering application on VLCC on schedule, so as to make new contributions for the green transformation of shipbuilding industry in the "14th Five-Year" plan in China.

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