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Yang Zhizhong stressed in the education on situation and tasks at the Planning Department


On February 22nd, Yang Zhizhong, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of DSIC, went to the Planning Department, the Economic Operation Department, the Finance Department and the Audit Department to carry out the education on the current situation and tasks, accompanied by Dong Xiaodong, the Chief Accountant of DSIC. At the meeting, the heads of all departments summarized the completion of the work in 2020. Group leaders made detailed deployment and put forward specific requirements on the key work in 2021. In terms of enterprise planning, Yang Zhizhong stressed that the group should reasonably plan the layout of production capacity and product positioning, and innovate and research effective cross-regional management and control mode.

 Carry out de-institutionalization, de-administration, push forward the reform and reorganization of subordinate enterprises, agencies and departments in an orderly manner. Implement the decision and deployment of CSSC, and conscientiously implement the overall plan of the special governance work of relevant subordinate enterprises. In terms of financial management, Yang Zhizhong emphasized that do a good job in tracking and measuring in process of annual budget and settlement. Study and judge the trend of exchange rate fluctuations so as to minimize and avoid exchange rate risks. Adapt to the new situation and realize the maximum benefit of funds. Calculate the annual capital flow. Pay attention to the capital needs of the enterprise in difficulty. In terms of economic operation, Yang Zhizhong stressed that promote the implementation of cost engineering in an definitive and detailed manner, do a good job in the system construction of cost engineering. Consolidate and improve the management system of comprehensive budgeting and targeted cost. Pay high attention to the economic operation status of the enterprise in difficulty. Establish an assessment and evaluation system covering all departments with economic benefits as the core. In terms of auditing, Yang Zhizhong stressed that further improve tenure and internal control evaluation system. Pay close attention to the construction progress of information supervision system, and be ready to follow up the work after the new system is launched. Complete audit rectification, zeroing and closed-loop work for military and local audit, group company inspection and other external special projects.

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