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New Orders for New Year


Recently, DSIC and Shandong Huachen Financial Leasing Co. (Shandong Huachen) signed a construction contract in Qingdao for two 85,000dwt bulk carriers. Mr. Yu Bing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shandong Shipping Corporation (Shandong Shipping), Mr. Gao Changfeng, general manager of Shandong Shipping, Mr. Gu Zhiwei, chairman of Shandong Huachen, Mr. Cai Zhuyi, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Trading, and Mr. Yang Zhizhong, Yao Hongshan and Zhang Yuhuan, leaders of DSIC, attended the signing ceremony.

The contracted ship is the follow-up ship of the same type for the 85000dwt bulk carrier series undertaken by DSIC since 2019 and will be built at DSIC subsidiary Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co.. The ship is a super Panamax shallow draft bulk carrier, with total length of 227.2m, width of 36m and depth of 20.35m. It has the advantages of shallow draft, large tank capacity and carrying capacity, better port adaptability and economy. It meets the requirements of the latest effective rules and regulations, and has strong market competitiveness.

Shandong Huachen is the first state-owned financial leasing company with marine industry as the core direction in Shandong Province. It is the ownership enterprise of large state-owned shipping group Shandong Shipping. It has strong international competitiveness in marine industry, power energy, medical health, infrastructure, cultural tourism and many other industries. The signing of the contract is a good start for the cooperation between DSIC and Shandong Huachen. It is a successful demonstration of joint efforts and joint progress in the cold winter of the market. It will lay a solid foundation for both sides to seek greater development.

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