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(Eworldship.com)DSIC Design Institute Unveils for Set-up Officially

DSIC Design Institute unveiled for set up officially on December 19, 2016, where DSIC leaders Liu Zheng, Yu Fengping, Xiao Shi, An Yumin, Cai Zhuyi and Deng Changlian, CSIC Senior Technical Expert and DSIC Deputy Chief Engineer Liu Wenmin, CSIC Technical Expert and DSIC Design Institute Deputy Chief Designer Ren Huaiyuan, DSIC Assistant Chief Engineers, relevant departmental heads, and DSIC Design Institute management personnel, technical elites and staff representatives attended the meeting.

The Notice on setting up the Design and Research Institute and DSIC Design Institute personnel appointment were announced at the meeting, where DSIC Chairman and Party Secretary Liu Zheng and GM Yu Fengpin unveiled for DSIC Design Institute, Deputy GM Xiao Shi and Deputy Chief Engineer, Design Institute Dean and Warship Design House Jiang Fumao unveiled for Warship Design House under DSIC Design Institute while Chief Engineer Cai Zhuyi, and Design Institute Deputy Dean and Ship Design House Director Zhao Jie unveiled for Ship Design House under DSIC Design Institute.

Jiang Fumao indicated in his speech at the meeting, as the first leadership of  DSIC Design Institute, he deeply felt their responsibility is important and mission is glorious and formidable. Standing at the new start and looking ahead, all the staff in the institute must bear their mission in mind, never let down such great trust, strengthen Four Awareness, and continue to boost R&D level and innovation ability so as to make more and greater contributions to developing DSIC into a leading shipbuilding heavy industry enterprise, driven by innovation, five major industries abreast, leading domestic and top class worldwide.

Cai Zhuyi said in his speech, 50 years ago, Dalian Shpyard Ship Product Design and Research Institute set up officially, which was the only domestic research institute established in a shipbuilding enterprise at the time. As a national-level enterprise technology center, the institute has always played a leading role in tackling tough and overcoming difficulties under the DSIC developing tenet of Inherit a Century Foundation, Build up the First Class worldwide. We are making history today because a new chapter to revitalize DSIC, shipbuilding industry and the country through science and technology begins. He wished the DSIC Design Institute newly established shall bear its mission and duty in mind, never fail its glory and dream, and create new legend at the new historic start.

Yu Fengping pointed out at the meeting, it is an important milestone to set up the DSIC Design Institute in the development of DSIC. Why our group decide to establish the institute? First, through setting up the design institute, strengthen the new career development system oriented by development and technical capability; Second, through setting up new warship design house and ship research house , conduct  the separate management of military and civil production lines on development and design so as to realize the parallel construction of design capability in both aspects; Third, adopt new management pattern so as to further improve design ability and design management efficiency.

He wished the leadership of the institute are broadminded in the work,  unite closely, live up to expectation, join all forces together, accelerate establishment and perfection of relevant  management systems after new organization sets up, dare to play, and set up and shape DSIC features as soon as possible  so as to endeavor in building up DSIC Design Institute to be leading among the industry and firstclass in the design level.

Yu also pointed out, currently,  in the face of unprecedented  tough exterior situations, while on the basis of our good economic scale, industrial structure and implementation of military-civil blending development strategy, our group  is aimed to be led by design and R&D, constantly enhance core competence, and prepare better to meet challenges from future market through setting up the institute, where there are three expectations for its future development as follows:

1. Since design quality is a foundation to carry out all the works, keep up taking zero modification in product design as a fundamental target and fully accomplish all production designs before steel cutting. Design quality is an assurance of all the works and all design staff have to bear it in mind, which is especially important for DSIC to control cost, drive production transformation, boost production efficiency, meet customer demand and win future market competiveness

2. Enhance shiptype R&D and innovations of product technology and workmanship. For years, DSIC has always adhered to innovative promotions with constant  innovation of construction methods, constant optimization of product mix and constant increase of high value added products’ proportion, which has strengthened DSIC’s technical reserves and laid up a positive foundation for our sustainable development. He wished the institute can seize the rare market opportunities to strengthen product R&D and design so as to create and lead market demand.

3. Enhance and improve the construction of technological systems so as to actually construct the institute into a HR management system taking technical capability development as personal development orientation. He wished the institute can pay high attention to, work together for, and further take care and concern of technical system establishment so as to enhance and promote the construction of all types of leading talents and boost real core competence accordingly.

Liu Zheng stressed in his speech, reviewing the past, Ship Design House deserves its first credit for DSIC development; looking today, Ship Research Institute still has far to go for new contributions. Our research institute has undeniable contributions to sustainable development of DSIC up to now.  Since PRC founding,  older generation of DSIC design staff pioneered their way  to have made great progress in the field of  warships, merchant ships and offshore engineering despite of winds and rains, where  more than 3000 ships have set sail here, creating over 70 No.1s in five major industries in China. The overall design and R&D capability of DSIC continues to rise up and leap among the world advanced level in some important fields and orientations. With 50 years’ endeavor and struggle, the institute has developed into a solid ship and offshore engineering design and research institution affiliated to a shipyard in China step by step, who has made outstanding contributions to enabling DSIC to take a lead in Chinese shipbuilding industries.

Currently, there are still some structural opportunities despite of continually depressed international shipping market. He wished all design staff in the newly founded institute will further inherit and carry forward the traditions and spirits from older generation of ship design and R&D industry, constantly intensify senses of mission and responsibility, focus on the demand side, enhance self-confidence, concentrate on development of new products, and seize narrow market opportunities so as to make new contribution to DSIC development.

Liu stressed, there is no development of enterprise without innovation while no future without innovation, just like sailing against head tides, no advancement means falling behind. If DSIC intends to make a quality and beneficial development in the 13th five-year plan, innovation promotion is a key and guarantee. Therefore, 3 points hereby are highlighted as follows:

1.  To innovate in the perception. Lay emphasis on professional technical level and pioneering spirit. The institute must , as a gathering place of intellectual talents, change idea, devote to R&D, speed innovation up, take improvement of professional knowledge and technical skill as a lifelong pursuit goal, adapt to the macro-environment,  improve small self, fully boost scientific and technical R&D level, constantly enhance market competence, and bear important responsibility of DSIC’ s ship design technology and profession.  

2. To innovate in the system. Stick to talent first, set up righteousness, provide positive energy, deepen technical sequential system, form an echelon building mechanism of talents, focus attention to boosting the team quality of leading talents, foster a batch of leaders with innovative thinking, bring up a batch of design masters and leading talents, and build up a group of engineers with solid inherence.

3.  To innovte in the approaches. The institute should establish an open, transparent, fair and just channel and system of talent growth. Based on the target of Build Up an Echelon of Innovative Talents with logical layers, reasonable structure, high quality and strong skill, more space should be provided for the talents to give full play of their roles and gifts.

Liu also stressed, the institute should take the 13th five-year plan newly drawn up as a performance platform for concerted effort, unceasingly expand and innovate, forge ahead with determination, and tackle tough so as to make new and greater contributions to a sustainable, steady and healthy development of DSIC.

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