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(CCTV News)CCTV again! This time......

Recently, the “Half-Hour Economy” program of CCTV Finance Channel focuses on DSIC of CSSC, carrying out a special report on DSIC entering LNG carrier market to pick the pearl of the shipbuilding industry.

LNG carriers have been listed as one of the "Three Pearls" of the shipbuilding industry because of their high added value and high technical difficulty. While most of the orders of LNG carriers in China have been taken away by foreign shipyards, so it is urgent to accelerate the development of domestic LNG carriers.

LNG carriers, which carry compressed liquefied gas, are more difficult to design and build. The entire team of DSIC is trying its utmost, expecting to be able to build the LNG carrier by itself as soon as possible, and to pick the pearl of the shipbuilding industry.

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