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(zgsyb.com) DSIC Delivers 180k DWT Bulk Carrier “HL PRIDE”

DSIC named No. 45 180k DWT bulker carrier “HL PRIDE” constructed for Frontline Group on Oct.14, and signed for delivery on Oct.17, where tripartite representatives signed the Delivery & Acceptance Protocol on behalf of Frontline Group, CSOC and DSIC respectively.

“Many Firsts have been realized before launching, where the nice-looking shipbuilding and sailing integrity has attained the best status in this series of bulk carriers. Meanwhile, building quality is becoming better and better, surpassing the like products in Korea.” The shipowner commented on building quality of 180k DWT bulkers so highly at the delivery ceremony. 

Before launching, it is the first time for the vessel to achieve end of boiler system utility test, energizing of navigation facility and start of commissioning, end of butterfly valves system commissioning and end of on-water staging removal at various levels of E/R platforms. Before sea trial, the whole-ship coating has been done, and the completion rate of on-board equipment acceptance test is 100% while the completion rate raised by 1.8% in on-water hull tests and 11.9% in outfitting tests higher than those on her serial No.44 bulk carrier, to satisfy the conditions of sea trial with a status ready for delivery. To ensure the task of sea trial under smooth progress, DSIC has brought forward the requirements of “Accelerating Pace, Energizing Earlier, Inspecting Equipment and Finding Defects to Fix”, and ensured effective completions of the works like hatch cover commissioning and test, cargo hold immersion commissioning and test, M/E mooring commissioning and test with a grip of faster, more careful and lean job objective, which have won high praise from the shipowner.  

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