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(CCTV News) CCTV News Refocused on DSIC

On February 26, the new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly very large crude oil carrier(VLCC) "Yuan Fu Yang", independently developed by DSIC, was officially delivered to COSCO Shipping Group. After delivery, this ship will be mainly used for crude oil transportation on the Middle East-Far East route.

The biggest highlight of this ship is energy saving and environment protection. The fuel consumption of the main engine is reduced by more than 3% compared with the previous generation of VLCC, which greatly reduces the operation cost for the ship owner. The content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas emitted by the main engine is lower than the international standard of 3.4g/kwh, which effectively reduces the pollution of acid substances in the exhaust gas to natural environment and has excellent environment protection performance. Straight bow shape line is adopted on the ship, which improves the sailing performance in waves. At the same time, the large diameter propeller and energy-saving guide wheel in front of the propeller are designed specially for the shape line and main engine, which further improves the energy-saving index of the ship.

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