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(eworldship.com) DSIC Offshore Engineering Names JU2000E-19 Jackup

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    On the morning of May 10, DSIC Offshore Engineering named for successful delivery of JU2000E-19 jackup constructed for China Petrolium Group Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPOE). CPOE Deputy GM Peng Fei named the jackup “Zhong You Hai 17”accompanied by DSIC Deputy GM Yin Xuelin while CPOE GM Liu Shengzhi and DSIC GM Yu Fengping cutting the rope and making speeches. Related officials from ABS, CCS and Exim Bank of China as well as DSIC Offshore Engineering attended the ceremony.

    JU2000E jackup is one of featured products for DSIC Offshore Engineering with rich experiences accumulated in R&D, engineering and construction. DSIC Offshore Engineering has tackled many difficulties in aspect of design optimization, equipment and material procurement, and control of building period and quality, together with outstanding achievements achieved. Especially for through up-and-down test, only 15 hours is used, which has hit the new high of the shortest completion time for jackups of the same type. The successful delivery of the jackup is another fruit of concerted effort and sincere cooperation between CPOE and DSIC, which has not only consolidated friendship, but laid a good foundation for deepening contacts between the two parties.


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