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(CCTV NEWS)DSIC Delivered 325,000dwt Ore Carrier "Iron Mountain"


On April 20, DSIC affiliated to CSSC signed and delivered the 325,000dwt ore carrier "Iron Mountain" for SK Shipping Company of South Korea. This is the first ship delivered by DSIC since its resumption of work this year.

"Iron Mountain" ship is a new generation of VLOC built for South Korean shipowners for the first time by DSIC. The whole ship is equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes for ballast system,  exhaust gas sulfur oxide washing device, and LNG fuel reserve tank set for future demand, which conform to "environmental protection, energy saving, safety and firmness", with outstanding highlights and overall performance reaching the leading level in the world.

During the trial voyage, 41 major test items including 57 minor items in total were completed,all of which were applied for inspection at one time. All the test items in the navigation program were successfully completed. The performance indexes of the ship were effectively verified and well received by the shipowner and ship inspection.

The ship is 339.90 meters long, 62.00 meters wide, 29.50 meters deep and has a capacity of 325,000dwt. It is registered with KR and LR.

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