Effective Plant-Based Mold & Odor Solutions

Our non-toxic solution is often 25-50% less expensive and less time compared to traditional remediation. Now you can take care of any mold issues faster, naturally, and without busting your budget!

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Creating Clean, Healthy Indoor Environments

Whether you live in Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, or anywhere in the Greater Bay Area, you’ll want to ensure the utmost safety and health of your home or building is your #1 priority. If you’re struggling with mold or unpleasant odors, look no further than Green Home Solutions of Northern California. We offer safe, fast, affordable and effective mold and odor removal solutions for homeowners and commercial properties you can depend on.

Residential Services

Our professionals use innovative EPA-registered product to provide families with less invasive mold and odor removal. Not only does our process and application take less time, but we can dramatically reduce your costs and the hassles of traditional remediation.

Wildfire Smoke Odor Removal

Is your home taking on smoke from the recent wildfires? It's extremely important to remove this smoke as quickly as possible because it can quickly settle into your clothing and furniture. To prevent this, we highly advise you to call Green Home Solutions to request home air scrubbing service.

Testing Services

Each consultation with one of our mold or odor removal experts comes with a complete mold & moisture assessment. We’ll send one of our certified professionals to your home or building to thoroughly inspect the premises and test for any signs of mold or related moisture concerns.

Plant-Based, Effective Mold Removal

Why Choose Green Home Solutions of Northern California
For plant-based mold and odor remediation services throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California look no further than Green Home Solutions!

Safe When Used as Directed

For mold and odor removal that puts the safety of you, your household, and your employees as a top priority, look no further than Green Home Solutions of Northern California. Our professionals only use products with plant-based active ingredients that attest to our commitment to the environment.


We’re confident that you’ll immediately see the difference with our high-quality mold & odor solutions for homeowners and commercial properties. We’ll even show you the transformation by performing a pre-test and a post-test for mold. If you’re not satisfied, just ask about our guarantee! We offer a 90-day conditional warranty so you can feel confident about our mold removal services.


While many “green” companies take advantage of the “all-natural” trend to hike up prices, GHS NorCal operates with honest and integrity. Not only can most of our mold and odor control services be completed in just one day, but they can also solve your issues with minimal cost. No matter your budget, we can find a treatment that works for you.


What you can expect from us!

At Green Home Solutions® of Northern California, we provide all clients with a Residential or Commercial Mold Audit! This means that one of our experienced GHS® of NorCal technicians will come to you to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your premises. This brief, but detailed survey will take measurements, readings, and data to assess all your building’s mold and odor issues!

Green Home Solutions is proud to bring products and services that protect families, pets, and employees from air quality threats, allowing them to feel better and enjoy life. Our EPA registered mold-killing solution is guaranteed to work – or we’ll return until it is eradicated!

Industry Approved

Our experienced professionals are certified in many areas to ensure your mold and odor removal is done right.