Smoke Odor Removal

Wildfires have ravaged Northern California in recent years—scorching hundreds of thousands of acres, forcing tens of thousands of residents from their homes, and taking dozens of lives. Though the fires are often concentrated and most significantly felt locally, serious health effects can often be felt miles away, with the most pressing being the large quantities of smoke and particulate matter drifting over 50+ miles with the prevailing wind.

Many forget that smoke is one of the more dangerous elements of house fires and wildfires, especially when you consider all the things being burned in these fires, including cars and manufacturing facilities. As a result, a significant amount of bacteria and chemical vapor is carried by the smoke, unbeknownst to those breathing it in. This becomes even more important if smoke from these fires starts entering your home.

It's extremely important to remove this smoke as quickly as possible because it can quickly settle into your clothing and furniture. To prevent this, we highly advise you to call Green Home Solutions of Northern California right away. With the right equipment and solutions at our disposal, like our air scrubbing machines, we can easily remove smoke from your home, as well as any residual odors or contaminants. A clean air supply is crucial to keeping you and your family healthy, and GHS NorCal can deliver just that!

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