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Put our mind at ease :)

We did not know if we had a problem and how extensive it could be. Howard was punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and explained things in a way that we could understand and made us comfortable. He was humble and provided options that would assist us in correcting the problem in our home (which turned out not to be that bad after-all). Howard basically put our minds at ease and went out of his way to give us helpful advice on how to clean up the area and maintain a clean and healthy living space for our family. He was awesome and we would call him again in a heartbeat! - Thanks again!

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Christine, Wow! Thanks for the kind review and very happy we were able to help you out. Please don't hesitate to call me / GHS anytime with mold, odor, or general home disinfection concerns. We are here to help make your indoor air better! Respectfully, Howard O. / GHS NorCal - East Bay Office

To the point

I was lucky enough to find GHS on an internet search. They appointment times and days that fit my schedule. Joseph came out and explained everything to me and did a thorough inspection. Then he let me decide if I wanted to move forward with the initial test. He did the test and within two days he explained the results to me. He told me what was recommended and let me decide, no pressure at all. GHS did not try to sell me anything, which I liked. I went ahead and got the house sprayed and a pro biotic machine. I can tell you since the service and the machine I am breathing better and I just feel better overall. I would highly recommend Green Home Solutions to everyone I know. The price is reasonable, and you really cannot put a price on your health! Thanks again Joseph M.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Adams, thank you very much for the kind review. It was a pleasure working with you too and please know we are here to help out with any of your indoor air quality concerns. Sincerely, Joseph M / Owner GHS NorCal - Sacramento Office

Very glad I chose GHS

I was concerned about a possible mold problem in my basement/crawlspace, so I searched the web for professional help. I selected Green Home Solutions over the rest because they had such positive (and recent) reviews posted. I definitely made the right choice. Howard Oliver came out to assess the situation, and it was such a pleasure meeting with him! He explained that we don’t really have a mold problem, but could benefit from some moisture-control measures. (And since we have plans to do some remodeling in the near future, it would make sense to just deal with that as part of the remodel.) It turned out that we didn’t need their remediation services, but if you think you might, don’t hesitate to call GHS East Bay. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Howard!

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Sandy, thank you for the very nice reply. It was my pleasure to help better understand the situation and address the concerns. Please don't hesitate to call us with anything else. Respectfully, Howard O.

would highly recommend

Jose Ramirez came out to investigate the smell we sometimes had in the master bath shower. Jose did a careful review and could not find anything. He recommended we re-caulk as well as seal the tiles and grout and then not use the shower for a few weeks to have it really dry out. He also graciously offered his services once his camera arrives so that we can see if there is any degradation below the shower floor. Jose is very knowledgeable, detailed, and provides a sound course of action. I'd certainly recommend this company.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Renee, thank you for the very nice review. We will be in touch, but please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Jose R. / (650) 204-4305

Mold Inspection in Rental

Howard Oliver did a mold inspection and assessment in a rental house. The folks living there were concerned because of an odor of mold in one of the bathrooms. I told Howard that I wanted to be sure that any mold problem was taken care of. Howard did an excellent job of assessing and clearly explaining how mold problems arise and the FACTS of what to be concerned about and what not to be concerned about. He answered all of the tenants questions clearly with caring and a commitment to their understanding. Howard also gave specific instructions on what needed to be done to make repairs and improvements. I highly recommend Green Home Solutions.

Mold inspection

Jose Ramirez talked to me about my mold issue. He was very informative about my issue in my house and explained what he could do to take care of the mold. Very pleasant to talk to and explained what to do clearly

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

David, thank you for the very nice review. It was my pleasure to help you address the mold concerns in your home. Please know you can call us anytime with questions. Sincerely, Jose R. / Owner - Operator GHS® S.F. Peninsula Office

Mold Testing

Making an appointment for a house mold review was straight forward. The technician showed up on time, did a good job of identifying the sites to be tested and forwarded the results promptly.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Adam, it was our pleasure. Thank you for the chance to provide you with mold testing solutions. // GHS NorCal Team

Flood damage assessment

Jose came over and assessed the flood damage. He gave his expert advice on how to fix the damage and offer company services to prevent mold. I appreciate his honest assessment on what needs to be done. Thanks.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Chan, thank you for the review. It was my pleasure to help you out - it is always our goal to give you the best advice and service we can. // Jose R.

Friendly & Helpful

I received a service call this morning from Howard Oliver. Mr Oliver was friendly, informative, reassuring and most helpful. I would recommend him to others concerned about mold in their homes.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Paley, it was our pleasure to assist you. Thank you very much for the nice review - much appreciated. Respectfully, Howard O. / GHS East Bay

Extremely Pleased Customers

After all the heavy Californis rains, we had a problem with mold and moisture in our master bedroom. This was not good at all because of mold allergy!! After reading several reviews, we decided to call James at Green Home Solutions. We are so happy we did. James has an excellent work ethic! He really went the extra mile for us and we are now mold and moisture free! Our master bedroom smells so fresh and clean. We couldn't be happier! We

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Smith, it was great to have the opportunity to provide you with service and very happy you are satisfied with the results. Really appreciate the kind words and great reveiw. Thanks. // James A / GHS Sacramento

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