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I was squeezed in on their busy schedule.

I was so stressed out from my stinky kitchen. My water heater decided to leak all over. I'm getting head aches and nauseous. I called and the owner came the next day. He was very nice, concerned, thoughtful, respectable, and truthful. The mold tests were done in four areas. I'm very happy he came out. I just found out that l do not have any mold. 😀💝🎈🎆🌺🌸 l do have a high reading of VOC . l and everyone needs to take all those chemicals and paints out of the house. They omit fumes, l Never knew this. This company just saved my health. You'll never know what invisible things are hiding in your home. I suggest calling them and get your Home Tested right away. Thank you for your quick service and results. 💝

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Sharon, thank you for the awesome review. We really appreciate it and are very glad we were able to help out. Please call us anytime for your Indoor Air Quality and Remediation needs. Thanks again. Joseph M. Owner / Operator GHS Sacramento

Excellent service

My tenants had mold concerns, and fortunately I called Green Home Solutions. Howard came the next day and was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in his assessment, which immediately put my mind at ease. He even took the time to talk to my tenant later (who was not present for the assessment), and allayed her concerns. I am really grateful for his service, which provided us with peace of mind. Thank you Howard!

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Marcia, thank you for the nice review. A big part of our focus is helping multi-unit and commercial property owners navigate the 'issues' surrounding mold as a landlord. Glad we could be of help. Please call me anytime. Respectfully, Howard O. / GHS East Bay

Amazing Service/Peace of Mind

I called GHS after purchasing a house and finding a mold problem that was missed during our home inspections. What was supposed to be an exciting time quickly became very worrisome as we discovered just how severe the situation was. Thankfully, Joseph from GHS saved the day. He was kind and sensitive when we were feeling upset, and after thoroughly examining the house while answering our many questions, he came up with a plan of action and quickly sent us a very reasonable quote so we could make a fast decision...no pressure. I’m so glad we decided to move ahead. Joseph was thorough, worked with our schedules, and he did an amazing job. Our house feels like a home now, and I no longer have to worry about mold affecting my allergy sensitive family’s health.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Amber, I'm humbled and honored by the very kind review. We are glad that we were able to help and hope you consider us as your indoor air quality partner to help keep you home as healthy as possible. Sincerely, Joseph M. / GHS Sacramento

My Experience With Green Home Solutions

I'm an owner here in Oakland with several units. Finding service providers is always hit or miss. I scored with Green Home Solutions and owner Howard Oliver. I attended a class he taught on mold and odors at the rental housing office. I learned so much I felt comfortable having his company come out and access an issue I'd been having in one of the units. I'd been reluctant to call out a "mold" company. The things you read and heard about paint them as frauds for the most part. I checked Howard's certifications, the company's reviews, all highly favored. He performed the assessment with the tenant family and myself present. He fielded all their concerns, provided an overview of the recommendations, and followed up with me for reporting and invoicing, very efficient. His service and report helped defuse a potentially frivolous and costly mold claim. If you're an owner or a property manager in need of honest help, call Howard. Rey Campbell Landlord

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Campbell, Thank you for the detailed and favorable review. It's always very inspiring to get positive validation that we are building bridges into our community and with partners in the industry. We look forward to helping in future however we can. Respectfully, Howard O.

Air quality

Polite, knowledgeable, and very helpfull.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Thank you Kennie! It was a our pleasure to help out.

Put our mind at ease :)

We did not know if we had a problem and how extensive it could be. Howard was punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and explained things in a way that we could understand and made us comfortable. He was humble and provided options that would assist us in correcting the problem in our home (which turned out not to be that bad after-all). Howard basically put our minds at ease and went out of his way to give us helpful advice on how to clean up the area and maintain a clean and healthy living space for our family. He was awesome and we would call him again in a heartbeat! - Thanks again!

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Christine, Wow! Thanks for the kind review and very happy we were able to help you out. Please don't hesitate to call me / GHS anytime with mold, odor, or general home disinfection concerns. We are here to help make your indoor air better! Respectfully, Howard O. / GHS NorCal - East Bay Office

To the point

I was lucky enough to find GHS on an internet search. They appointment times and days that fit my schedule. Joseph came out and explained everything to me and did a thorough inspection. Then he let me decide if I wanted to move forward with the initial test. He did the test and within two days he explained the results to me. He told me what was recommended and let me decide, no pressure at all. GHS did not try to sell me anything, which I liked. I went ahead and got the house sprayed and a pro biotic machine. I can tell you since the service and the machine I am breathing better and I just feel better overall. I would highly recommend Green Home Solutions to everyone I know. The price is reasonable, and you really cannot put a price on your health! Thanks again Joseph M.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Mr. Adams, thank you very much for the kind review. It was a pleasure working with you too and please know we are here to help out with any of your indoor air quality concerns. Sincerely, Joseph M / Owner GHS NorCal - Sacramento Office

Very glad I chose GHS

I was concerned about a possible mold problem in my basement/crawlspace, so I searched the web for professional help. I selected Green Home Solutions over the rest because they had such positive (and recent) reviews posted. I definitely made the right choice. Howard Oliver came out to assess the situation, and it was such a pleasure meeting with him! He explained that we don’t really have a mold problem, but could benefit from some moisture-control measures. (And since we have plans to do some remodeling in the near future, it would make sense to just deal with that as part of the remodel.) It turned out that we didn’t need their remediation services, but if you think you might, don’t hesitate to call GHS East Bay. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Howard!

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Sandy, thank you for the very nice reply. It was my pleasure to help better understand the situation and address the concerns. Please don't hesitate to call us with anything else. Respectfully, Howard O.

would highly recommend

Jose Ramirez came out to investigate the smell we sometimes had in the master bath shower. Jose did a careful review and could not find anything. He recommended we re-caulk as well as seal the tiles and grout and then not use the shower for a few weeks to have it really dry out. He also graciously offered his services once his camera arrives so that we can see if there is any degradation below the shower floor. Jose is very knowledgeable, detailed, and provides a sound course of action. I'd certainly recommend this company.

Green Home Solutions of Northern California

Renee, thank you for the very nice review. We will be in touch, but please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Jose R. / (650) 204-4305

Mold Inspection in Rental

Howard Oliver did a mold inspection and assessment in a rental house. The folks living there were concerned because of an odor of mold in one of the bathrooms. I told Howard that I wanted to be sure that any mold problem was taken care of. Howard did an excellent job of assessing and clearly explaining how mold problems arise and the FACTS of what to be concerned about and what not to be concerned about. He answered all of the tenants questions clearly with caring and a commitment to their understanding. Howard also gave specific instructions on what needed to be done to make repairs and improvements. I highly recommend Green Home Solutions.

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